STAGE | Biohazard Official Fun Run Event BIOHAZARD ZOMBIE RUSH

STAGE | Biohazard Official Fun Run Event BIOHAZARD ZOMBIE RUSH

Stage Events

A special stage event unfolds in the event area!
We will hold talk shows and a zombie cosplay contest to commemorate Biohazard Zombie Rush.
We invite those who finished running the Zombie Rush to enjoy yourselves here.
Main program (current plan)
Note: the program is subject to change.

Biohazard Zombie Cosplay Contest

it’s the Biohazard Zombie Cosplay Contest!
  • After entering the main event, please come to the qualifier (at the stage) on the day of the event between 10:00 to 12:00.
  • Please be in your zombie cosplay costume.
  • Participants agree to allow their image (still or video) to be used in media on the internet, in magazines, TV, newspapers, etc.
  • If there are too many participants for the qualifier, we may resort to a drawing for participation.
  • We will send a separate message to those who proceed to the qualifier.
  • Please do not introduce design elements or collaborations from other games.
  • By the judgment of the organizers, any parties who violate public order and morality will be asked not to participate.
    •Please wear stockings or tights to avoid revealing too much.
  • In order to avoid accidents, we ask that you remove costumes that are bulky or have sharp objects on them when you move around the event area.
  • "You may participate in the fun run with model swords or guns.
    Please remove gas cartiridges and bullets from guns.
    The organizers may forbid a cosumter if it is deemed dangerous.
    Please put swords and guns in a case outside the event area."
  • Please refrain from bringing costumes or weapons that make loud noises or emit bright lights.
  • Please understand that the organizers own the right to post media (internet, magazine, TV, newspaper, etc.)
  • Participants under 18 years of age will need the consent of their guardian to participate.